Memory module

Memory module


Q1:the memory installed on the motherboard, what precautions do?

A1:Installing memory is not difficult! The memory slots on the motherboard has a foolproof device,memory cheat gap is consistent,so memory is installed, if it does not go,please view direction is correct, and then try to memory vertical insertion slot.Also remind you that precautions should always be sure that the computer is shut down the state re-swap memory.

Q2:Memory the Goldfinger dirty soiled oil wipe it?

A2:If you want to clean the memory cheat,it is recommended to use the eraser small force to wipe,then brush the eraser crumbs lightly brush can.

Q3:How to play memory performance to the limit? Need to perform those settings or actions?

A3:JEDEC standard specifications of memory,according to manufacturing factory setting normal use, to avoid causing system instability occurs.

Q4:How to adjust the value of the memory's SPD?

A4:JEDEC standard memory specifications,DATA not recommend that you adjust the the SPD value because it may cause system instability.

Q5:the memory of the different specifications, does not run in the case of dual-channel, can be used in conjunction with business?

A5:consideration of the memory motherboard BIOS boot error condition can occur when reading Module SPD DATA not mixed into the different specifications.